Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is it Deer Season Yet?

I don't hate deer, I cried when Bambi's Mother died.  But that's all over, no more Ms Nice Guy.  I'm tired of the deer sneaking into my yard under cover of darkness and eating my Hostas.  We tried putting mothballs and Irish Spring soap out.  That slowed them down, but with all the rain they lost their power and now I've lost more of my Hostas.
We live near open fields and trees and enjoy most of the wildlife that has come wandering through our yard, but enough is enough.  Bambi and friends have already cost me a small fortune in new plants, but I guess I'll have to break down and buy ..... bet you thought I'd say a gun, but actually I guess I'll buy the deer spray that's supposed to keep deer away.  If that doesn't work I guess I'll have to think of something more drastic.  So Bambi's safe for now, but he'd better watch out, and had better lose his appetite for Hostas.

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