Monday, September 7, 2009

Wonders of Nature

  While I putter in my garden Mac studies our yard with the wonder of a little boy and often sees things I would miss.  He knows when a "narrow" fellow is passing through, where the latest spider has spun its web, and which of his turtles is lounging on a log.  I see the flowers, note the weeds, mow the grass but all too often miss the small wonders.
One day he excitedly called me to observe two cardinals on our back deck. What was happening, he pointed out to me, was that the pair, who were eating the seed he had put out, would pause from time to time and the male (the pretty red one) would bring a particularly tasty seed to the female and feed it to her.  How sweet.  This is called mate feeding and is said to take place during mating season and continues till eggs are laid and incubated, but Mac says that it continues on past then.This photo was taken on our back porch.
The cardinals are said to stay together through the year and may mate for several seasons, Mac thinks the pair we have out back have been together for several years.  I think that's pretty wonderful.  By the way, this picture was taken on our back deck.

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