Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Door Wreath

I nearly always have a wreath or some sort of decoration on our front door.  After taking our Christmas wreath down I discovered that I couldn't find anything to go on the door.  Wanting to have something reasonably priced I looked at Walmart yesterday, but they had nothing, so today I looked online on Amazon and everywhere else I could think of.  Found some, but those I liked were in the $50-$75 range, definitely not my idea of reasonable.  So I began looking around the house for something I could improvise.  I asked Mac if we had a grapevine wreath somewhere, and we both agreed we did, but neither of us had any idea of where it might be.  He found a simple fir wreath, I found  a line of Magnolias I'd had on top of a display case, it'd been there forever and was looking a bit boring, so it looked like a likely volunteer.   We  wired it to the fir wreath and a new door wreath was born.


  1. A beautiful door wreath, and rather lovely door if I may say so.
    Funny how we all make an effort with decorations at Christmas time yet feel the need to make everything bare afterwards. I like your style!


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