Monday, January 28, 2013

Downton Abbey

I'm not happy with this season's Downton Abbey at all,  it's doom, gloom and no humor.  Beautiful sets and costumes can only carry you so far.
I'm tired of:  the John Bates jail storyline, get him out of jail or get rid of him
Mathew's Mother, I know she's supposed to be annoying, but this season she's just so goody-two shoes that it's sickening,  I liked it when the "reformed" prostitutes laughed at her.
Lady Mary's treatment of Mathew, she needs to remember she's a wife now, not just a daughter
Edith being mistreated, I'm a middle daughter too and she has my sympathy

I wish:    Ethel would go away, far, far away
 that the burned Patrick from last season would come back, marry Edith and be the heir to Downton again
that Lady Mary would realize she's married into the middle class and she and Mathew could actually leave Downton and start a life together
that Dowager Lady Grantham would find her wicked tongue again
I wish Carson was my butler, he's perfect, even better than Jeeves

I'm glad:  that Sybil is gone, not a believable character at all, I just wish it had happened in  Ireland so we could have been spared the whole deathbed scene.
that Daisy got someone to boss around, it's lonely at the bottom
 I enjoy: Thomas and O'Brian scheming against each other, they're great villains, the kind you meet in real life

Alternatively I wish : that Mathew would run off with Edith, the only really interesting sister,  and live happily ever after.

That all being said, I like Downton Abbey, but it could be SO much better.  Mac says that unless it stops being such a soap opera he's not going to watch it with me any more.


  1. I take it you haven't see the latest episode then?! It aired over here on Christmas Day and had quite an ending... I'll leave you in suspense!

  2. I tend to get annoyed with some of the plot lines when I can be persuaded to watch these dramas. Some of the situations beggar beleif--but the costumes are good!

  3. Oh, I know just what you mean!
    I thought it was good last year, but this year, it is too much like a soap opera. We recorded the episode from last night, and I MIGHT watch it!
    I really like to watch it to see the background of the lovely place where it is filmed. Love my English shows just for that! :-)

  4. I still haven't seen Series Three or the recent Christmas episode - have it on DVD and plan to watch it when DH is in the West Indies in March!

  5. Like you I'm still drawn to watch it but find some elements of it quite frustrating. I think it is the acting of Dame Maggie Smith, Phyllis Logan and Jim Carter that keeps me watching:)


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