Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Roses and Bear Part Two

Earlier I'd said that I'd tell you more about the roses from our daughter and the bear from Mac, so here's the story.
In November as a part of an ultrasound check of my carotid arteries a nodule was found on my thyroid gland.  Well nodules on thyroid glands are very common and as you grow older the chance of having one increases, plus the fact that I've been on thyroid medication for years, I have a very lazy thyroid.
My primary care doctor decided that it needed to be assessed by a specialist so he sent me to an ENT doctor who could actually feel it, but he assured me that most of these nodules are benign, but to be on the safe side they'd have a needle aspiration done on it.  I was sent to another doctor who did another ultrasound and then using a very fine needle withdrew 4 samples to be biopsied.
Unfortunately the biopsy was inconclusive, but the doctor who'd done the needle aspiration said the nodule exhibited characteristics of a cancer.
So my doctor decided the most prudent thing to do was to remove the left lobe of my thyroid and have the whole nodule biopsied.   As far as I was concerned the sooner they did it the better so last Thursday I went into the hospital and had a left thyroid lobectomy.
It was a quick operation, my doctor said it only took 42 minutes, but when I woke up my throat was on fire, worse than when I'd had my tonsils out as a kid.  I spend the night in the hospital, Mac gave me the little stitched up bear to keep me company, I had great care and Mac brought me home on Friday where those lovely roses awaited me.
I had to stay on soft food (think mashed potatoes and ice cream) for 4 days and then today I was to return to the Doctor to get my results.
He came into the examining room and asked if I wanted the Good news or the Good news, I laughed and said I wanted good news, and I got it, no cancer!
I was so relieved and Mac even more so because after the surgery when he'd talked to the Doctor he'd asked how it looked and the Doctor said it was an ugly little thing and he hadn't liked the look of it.  Mac didn't tell me about this conversation until after we got the good news today,  What a sweetie he is for not wanting to worry me.
I don't have to go back for 3 months, my wound is healing nicely, and they'll probably have to increase the amount of thyroid medication I'm taking, but Whoo Hoo, no cancer.
It's been a very good day.


  1. Good to hear, Janet. I had that biopsy done a couple of years ago but they were able to say from the biopsy that it was not cancer so no operation. But I know the feeling of waiting for the test results. Congratulations, and I hope you continue to heal fast.

  2. what a huge relief to have that worry taken away...Wishing you a speedy recovery - enjoy the roses and the bear!

  3. What a relief for you. I'm really pleased that it was such good news.


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