Saturday, January 26, 2013

Science Fantasy

As I mentioned in my last blog I am a fan of science fantasy and read quite a bit of it : Robert Jordan, George R.R. Martin,  Brandon Sanderson, Neil Gaimen, Robin McKinley, Patrick Rothfuss  and many others.  But I've never read anything by Terry Prachett the author of the Disc World series.  I have of course heard of the series, seen it mentioned in many blogs,  but for some reason or another I'd never felt drawn to the series.
Than a few weeks back while starting a film from Netflix there were previews of a number of films including Going Postal.  Liking a good comedy I ordered it from Netflix and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  That was our introduction to Ahnk -Morpark the largest city in  Disc World, which is carried on the back of  4 elephants who stand on the back of a turtle, Great A'Tuin.   We quickly ordered The Hogfather (Michelle Dockery , aka Lady Mary of Downton Abbey, plays Death's Granddaughter)
 and it was even better, we liked it so much we had to buy (used of course, I'm very cheap) our own copy.  Next was The Colour of Magic, we liked it better than Going Postal, but not as much as The Hogfather.
These 3 films were made for British TV (oh why don't we get things like this) and run almost 4 hours, they're broken into 2 parts.
There are 2 more Disc World films, (The Wyrd Sisters and  Soul Music )both animated and now both on my Netflix list.

With this wonderful introduction to Disc World I knew it was time to start reading the books, so I've ordered my first one for the Kindle, Equal Rites.  Mac reads very little science fantasy, I did talk him into the Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin, but he loves good humor so he's considering starting the series too.


  1. They have the best TV movies in England!
    Make sure you watch ANY of the Brit shows that come on PBS or BBC America that you can, sometimes they may be years old, but almost always they are better than what we get!

  2. Not a fan of Terry Pratchett I'm afraid, tried the books but they just aren't my thing.

  3. Ditto to Kay's comment.

    I love SF when I was a teenager, but not so much now. I must say Terry Pratchett seems to have an amazing and quirky imagination. I admire people who can dream up entire worlds like that. :)

  4. I'd skip the "science" when trying to classify the Discworld books and just call them fantasy. My brother got me into them years ago as he "fed" me with them as audio books (most of them also with superb narrating to enhance the experience). I've so far never read one in text, only listened to them. But several I have listened to more than once! Equal Rites is one of my favourites. I've also seen the three films (not the animated ones). The City Watch subseries is also very good, starting with Guards!Guards!


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