Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Good Luck in 2013

   To ensure good luck in 2013 I'm cooking a pot of black-eyed peas and ham hocks.  They've been bubbling away while I cleaned out my receipt box.  Anything before 2012 was put in the burn bag, all utility bills went in, I figure that if I still have lights, water and tv everyone received their money last year.  Credit card bill were categorized so Mac can find what he needs for taxes, all Social Security and medical papers were brought up to date and bank statements put in order.  The box weighs about half of what it did before the purge.
We had a quiet night last night rewatching Sherlock Holmes, the first one.  Really like that one this was about our third time watching it, whoever did the set design did an incredible job and we really like Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, they  play off of each other so well.

While flying around the web I found an article  about overused words and phrases that many feel  need to be thrown out this year and they include:

  •   •“to be honest with you” or “honestly” 
  •   •“I ain’t gonna lie” 
  •   •“I mean” [at beginning of sentence]
  •   •“no problem” [when used instead of "you're welcome"]
  •   •“basically”
  •   • ªbring it” or “game on”
  •   •“step up your
  •   •“absolutely” [instead of just saying "yes"]
  •   •“singing Kumbaya”
  •   •“at the end of the day”
  •   •“it is what it is”
  •   •“throwing [someone] under the bus”
  •   •“how ya doin’”
  •   •“I have your back” or “you have my back”.
  •   •“I don’t have a dog in this fight”
Dishonorable mention:
I'd like to add "unbelieveable"  when used to describe something that is quite believable.  Pigs flying is unbelievable, baseball players making a catch is believable.

Have any you want to throw out?


  1. 'They're throwing fresh legs on' a phrase which is used all too frequently by commentators when talking about a substitution in a soccer match. I always visualise this happening literally!!

  2. Reminds me of Princess Bride and "Inconceivable!"

    My most hated phrase? "Going forward." What's wrong with "in the future"? :)

    Have you ever seen the miniseries "Sherlock" with Benedict Cumberpatch and Martin Freeman as Sherlock and Dr. W? It's excellent and, though set in modern times, very accurate as to plotlines and characterization. You can probably find it on Netflix or Hulu Plus.

    Happy New Year to you both!


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