Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Header

My new header is temporary, Mac is painting me a new one for winter.  He's not at all pleased with how the picture of this one turned out, too faded he thought, the flash from one camera washed it out more and the finish he put on it made it very shiny.  But I like it, a typical English bridge on a snowy day, it's supposed to look a bit washed out.

Well we didn't fall off any cliffs last night, though it looked like some wanted to push us over--just to see how hard we'd land I guess.  But never fear, the media assures us there are more cliffs ahead that Congress can play chicken with---are we having fun yet?

Seven coaches and five general managers fired in the NFL this week, anyone looking for a job?  Definitely a few openings.  I'm a little more proactive, I don't believe my coach is to blame for the fact that the team can't, run, block, pass, catch or score touchdowns.  The Oakland Raiders were worse than pathetic this year, but instead of firing the coach I hope the owner fires the team and hires a bunch of new players.

I cleaned glass shelves in two display cases today, that's so much fun, now all the shelves and the backing mirrors are nice and streaky, but clean streaky.  I didn't do the shelves on the dining room china cabinet because I can remember cleaning it and if a job like that is in living memory then I don't need to do it for awhile.


  1. I hate how managers get fired when their teams do badly. Don't the boards realise that that the manager can only tell the team whathe wants them to do - he can't actually go out on the field and make them do it. If they play badly all season it's probably because they're a duff team!

  2. The same happens in English football. Teams need to realistically assess the relative ability of their teams before making decisions on the coach. Happily for the Pats, our season goes on and we managed to grab an all important bye for the wildcard round. Thanks also for visiting my blog.

  3. I know you know how lucky you are to have such a talented Mac. He paints your blog header! OH MY!


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