Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Before the Weather Changes

It was 81 here yesterday, broke an 80 year old record, going to be quite warm today too, but Thursday into Friday brings a change, back to to 50's and 60's.  Mrs. Micawber snarkily said I'll have to dig out the winter long johns for that.    I love her pictures of the cold Wisconsin winter, but I'm glad I live in our version of winter here in Georgia.

The garden beds are a mess, but the Hyacinths are coming up, as are the Daffodils.  The Camellia is in full bloom and we're eating lovely fresh peas from the garden.  Definitely can't complain about that.


  1. It's below freezing here! Even temperatures in the 50s and 60s are but a distant dream at the moment:)

  2. Your winters sound rather like those that we experience in South Africa. Whilst winter is my favourite season there, I like it even more when the temperatures dip below zero and the snows come. It's been fantastic in Britain this week (though as nothing compared with the northern states!)


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