Monday, January 14, 2013

Home Again, Home Again ...

Two doctor visits, one shot, one clear check-up, oh Melisandre you surprised me, I thought for sure you'd grab that liquid nitrogen and burn away, but you said I was good for 6 months----YEAH!
In between those two appointments we visited the wonderful world of Wally, also known as Walmart. Needed a little of this, a bit of that and some of the other.  I have to say though, that if Wally were not so cheap I'd shop elsewhere cause it's a bit of a creepy place, no one seems to be happy to be there, customers, clerks, anyone.
Another beautiful day though they're threatening us with colder weather by the weekend, guess I can't complain, the 70's are lovely, but the 50's are what it should be for January.


  1. Oh dear - 50s? You'll have to get out your warm woollies. :)

    Melisandre is such a lovely name. Glad to know you didn't have to get nitrogen-zapped.

  2. Glad to hear that the doctor visits went well.


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