Saturday, January 5, 2013

Miss Kitty's Christmas

The Tiger Thingy
Miss Kitty had a good Christmas, she was a good girl this year, well, as good as a cat can be--I mean she's not a dog and definitely has a mind of her own. So Santa brought her 2 presents, one she tried to break into before Christmas and the other was in a box that she didn't realize was for her.
On Christmas morning we let her break into the first one and she liked it, a tiger print I know not what with a bushy tail and it's stuffed with catnip.  She rubbed herself all over it and fell contentedly to sleep.  Two weeks after Christmas she still rubs it a bit,  she likes it, but she doesn't love it.
The second present is a small tree stump with a mouse hanging inside it and when you push the button a mouse tail randomly comes out of 3 different openings on the bottom and wags itself. This she LOVES, we hear her playing with it at all hours of the day and night, we've never seen her enjoy a toy so much.  She grabs the tail, shakes the stump and pokes the mouse.  The mouse makes a very high pitched squeak when you poke it, Kitty can hear it and so can I, but Mac says he can't, so it must be a girl-level squeak.
Tree Stump With Mouse
Note Tail at Bottom

If this toy dies it will definitely have to be replaced.

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  1. She's having fun indeed. Or, one imagines so...


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