Friday, October 4, 2013

The Stairs

The carpet came in, we picked it up Wednesday and our rug guy installed it last night.  I'm thrilled. It feels so soft to walk on.  Mac has been complaining about his feet hurting and figured it might be walking on the uncarpeted stairs.
Miss Kitty, nosey as always,  lay at the bottom and watched it being installed, she then ran upstairs, turned around, noticed the carpet, jumped back and worked her way down the side without touching the carpet.  Too funny.


  1. I love that feel of newly installed carpet, absolute luxury. Miss Kitty doesn't know what she's missing.

  2. It looks so pretty - great choice. Laughing at your kitty. Hope she gets used to it.

  3. Funny miss kitty! Love the carpet, I like to see the wood either side, sadly the wood on our staircase isn't designed to be on show,I think it's chipboard or something similar.

  4. Nice carpet, it looks really good.

  5. Cats are, indeed, funny about things like that!


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