Monday, October 7, 2013

Hopefully Every Family Has Some of These Too

Yesterday was spent with Mac's cousin Bill and his wife Kathy from California, what nice people they are, we always enjoy seeing them.  Mac's family (he's one of 4 boys) and Bill's family (2 boys and a girl) spent a lot of time together as youngster, camping, going to baseball games and family get-togethers.  We always look forward to seeing them when we go out to California.
Kathy has retired now and they're doing a bit of traveling, they did a huge swing through the West and last week they flew out to Charleston before moving on to Hilton Head, South Carolina.
Sunday was spent with us, so we took them to the marina near us for seafood, we warned them we had never eaten there and couldn't vouch for the food.  It wasn't good, but I'll save that for another blog.
The company though was great, talk, talk, talk.
Then, not knowing it was Oktoberfest weekend in Savannah we took them in for a quick tour.  It was very crowded, but a lovely fall day, stopped for ice cream on our walk, listened to some bands and enjoyed the scenery.
We'll miss them when we're out in California, they'll still be down here in the south traveling.  Kathy is determined to try all the southern cuisine and has so far tried fried green tomatoes and yesterday had a low country boil.  She debated whether to have a fried dill pickle, I told her I didn't know if that was southern or not.
I forgot to take any photos, but this is one of them at a Rockies/Giant baseball game taken on their recent trip to Denver.  Like us they're big baseball fans.
They're just so nice and easy to be around I hope everyone has some cousins like them.


  1. My mum was one of ten and my dad one of four so I've got so many cousins that there's every personality going amongst them. I'm the youngest cousin on my dad's side of the family, and one of the youngest on my mum's side. There used to be so many weddings to attend years ago, now it seems we meet up for funerals, it's the way it goes I suppose.

  2. Family time is such a blessing. So glad you have it.


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