Monday, October 14, 2013

Delta Oh Delta

Delta has struck again.  We flew to San Francisco last week on Delta, oh trusting souls that we are.  Mac, as always, had studied plane maps, consulted with seatguru and picked out the most comfortable plane for us to fly on.  But at the last minute (literally) Delta switched gates and planes on us putting us into an older much less comfortable plane  And once aboard we had to wait for the luggage and catering to be switched from the original plane to the new one.  No reason was given for the switch.  We left about an hour late.
Then returning home Sunday as we walked up to our gate I saw a different flight number and departure time listed, walked up to the desk and found out that the plane we were supposed to travel on had run into a sea gull as it landed at San Francisco and parts of the front end would have to be replaced.  The earliest departure time listed was 2:34 pm instead of the previous 11:55 am.  Then the pilot stepped up to the podium and said that it now looked like 7:35 pm  would be the earliest the plane could leave which would give an arrival time in Atlanta somewhere between 2 am and 3 am.  And for us it would then mean waiting till after 8 am to get on a plane for Savannah.
After much jibbering the folks at the podium began rebooking people.  We had first class seats, but none were available on any airline so we agreed to fly coach if they could get us home on Sunday.  They booked us onto a US Air flight (I suggested this one after the guy trying to rebook us seemed to have run out of options) and they had a 1:05 pm flight to Charlotte, North Carolina and a short flight from there at 10:30 pm to Savannah.  We took it.
It left nearly an hour late because maintenance had to repair a seat on the plane, but it left.  I of course had the middle seat and except for having to buy something to eat and nearly gagging because the man next to me kept putting really smelly moisturizer on his hands and face, it went fairly smoothly.
We arrived in Savannah around 11:30 pm last night and were home by 12:30 am.  Of course the one bag we checked, Mac's this time, didn't make it with us but it did get brought out today.
My daughter says we need to find a new airline, I'm beginning to think she's right.

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  1. This is not making me feel good! Hope Delta do better when we fly with them!


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