Saturday, October 5, 2013

Autumn in the Garden

A View of our Lagoon
Such a gorgeous autumn day I decided to spend some time in my poor neglected garden.  I needed to weed out my herb/veggie bed so I can plant some winter veggies.  In the middle of it is my Rosemary bush and it smelled so good, need to bring some in to put on my pork roast tomorrow.  Pulled up some mint, it goes wild if I don't weed it down some.  The scented geranium is still smelling good, but it'll die if we don't move it to the greenhouse for the winter.
Stopped to take some photos around the yard, not many leaves falling yet, lots of acorns though.  We had a deer in the yard yesterday cleaning his antlers on one of our small trees, Mac tried to get a picture, but all you can see is the tree he's shaking.
The Butterfly Bush is Still Going Strong

The Ginger Lilies are too

The Dock Looking Over Towards the Island

Walking down by the water Mac's turtles follow our every movement, he's already fed them today, but they're ever hopeful.  Lots of bluegill  and other small fish were lined up near shore and wondered if they might get lucky.

Another Day a Heron stopped by to do a bit of fishing, Mac was not amused


  1. Nice post. And it reminded me to weed my mint. Its taking over. The rosemary bush has ambitions to colonise the whole garden. I really hardly know what to do with it. the more I cut down the more grows! I'll have to take the power shears to it!

  2. I'm trying to get my garden sorted out before the winter sets in too. I'm making progress but suspect that some of it will have to wait for Spring. I love the smell of rosemary, have a big old bush of it near my back door. It was a twig when I planted it many moons ago and it has survived some very hard winters so I obviously chose the right spot for it.


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