Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wine Country Trip

While in California visiting Mac's brother George and his wife Laura we spent a fabulous day in the Napa Valley doing a wine tasting at Castillo di Amarosa.  They (George and Laura) had made all the arrangements, renting a limo, arranging our tour and wine tasting and reservations at a rather fabulous restaurant Mustard's Grill and we were also joined by Mac and George's nephew Alex and his wife Renee.  They've been married 15 years, but this was the first time we'd met her--she was so bubbly and fun, looking forward to seeing her again.
What a treat to ride in a limo, haven't done that since our 40th wedding anniversary.  The tour at Castillo de Amarosa was really well done.  Cold down in those wine caves.  At the end of the tour we did the tasting.  We're not really wine drinkers and when we do drink we prefer German whites, but it was fun picking out wines to taste.  Our favorite was the dry Gew├╝rztraminer,  rather like a German.
Lunch at Mustard's was great!!!! Mac had leg of lamb and I had the best rabbit I've ever had, way too much food, but that's ok.
It was a wonderful day.
Mac, Me, George, Laura, Renee and Alex

Entrance to the Castillo, Love the Olive Tree

Patio at the Winery

Knight's Hall For Private Parties

Me Ready For a Tipple

No Red Wine Please

Waiting For the Wine Tasting

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