Saturday, October 19, 2013

New Works From Mac

Mac has been painting a load of paintings to sell and decided to take a break and paint for himself.  He hadn't painted any horses in a while so he decided to do a couple,  I really like the horse in the snow, have to find a frame for it.  The horse with the cat is sweet, he painted a similar painting a few years ago for a friend.
Then I found a photo of a cow in some long grass and asked him to paint it for me.  Love the colors!

Next he's doing a series of Thanksgiving paintings, one of a turkey and the other of an old shed with loads of pumpkins.


  1. Such a creative life you both lead.

  2. Love these paintings.
    If you saw a cow in that grass that tall, that must have been one happy cow! :-)

  3. Lovely paintings. The first is my favourite.


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