Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband.  I apologize for taking you for a haircut on your birthday, but I promise to make it up to you.  I'm attempting to make a crab chioppino this afternoon.  We went by the fish store and picked up fresh shrimp, scallops and cooked crab (I can't kill a live animal), have some fish in the freezer and there'll be clams or mussels (I don't eat shell fish)
 and I pulled a recipe off of Pinterest for the sauce, so I'm hopeful.  I think I made this once, about a 100 years ago, I put too much cayenne pepper in it (definitely puckered your lips) and I used crab still in the shell and when we cracked it it went all over the ceiling.
Hoping for a less dramatic version this time.


  1. Happy Birthday to Mac, and the crab dish sounds wonderful. (Hope it stays off the ceiling this time.)


  2. Oh! I hope hubby had a nice birthday! Do what we do and celebrate it for days afterward!

  3. Hope hubby had a great day, by the sounds of what went into it that sounds like a perfect dish!


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