Monday, October 28, 2013


Though I was never a big punk rock fan, the death of Lou Reed has me thinking about music, and Jay over at My Family and Other Cricketers writing about finally getting to see a band she'd wanted to see for a long time (The Boomtown Rats) has me thinking about concerts we've seen through the years.  No way as many as our daughter has, she's still going to them , but a fair amount.

Our first concert was to see The Rolling Stones in 1973, it was in Frankfurt, Germany and we paid all of $5.00 to see them.  Billy Preston opened for them.

Then, in no particular order:

Emerson, Lake and Palmer  I remember a lot of headbangers

SuperTramp  I still like their song Breakfast in America

Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band, his song Night Moves is still one of my favorite songs

Foreigner  with Bryan Adams as an opening act  We took our daughter, she was the one wanting to see them and we thought she was too young to go on her own

Queen They put on an incredible show

The Who  Still have to say this was the best concert I've ever been to

U2  Saw them in Atlanta on their Joshua Tree Tour

Paul McCartney  Saw him in the late 80's when Linda was still alive, wonderful show

Chuck Berry  Saw him at a casino in California playing with guys young enough to be his grandsons, he can still Duck Walk though

Our daughter took us to see Arlo Guthrie when she was in college.  Loved hearing him do Alice's Restaurant

There were probably others, but these are the ones that stick in my mind.  We still go out to hear live music and  to dance, hope we never get too old.


  1. You've seen some great bands - I'd love to have seen Foreigner! The Stones I did see very early in their career along with several of the other Merseyside groups of the time. Best I ever saw wasn't a modern act though - it was Tony Bennett with Count Basie and they were absolutely fantastic!

  2. Rowan, when are you coming to Savannah?

  3. Gosh, that's a lot of concerts. I've never been to any that big. Only a few gospel concerts.

  4. Wow you've seen some BIG ones and in their heyday too by the sounds of it, U2 on the Joshua Tree tour would be my favourite, I was a fan from the start but have only seen them live in later years. And The Who, oh I'm envious of that!


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