Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Enjoying The Weather

It looks like summer is slowly, but surely, slipping away.  Yes the day time temperatures are still going up in the 80's, but it's been cooling off at night (no overnight temperatures in the upper 70's), we've actually had a couple of nights in the 40's :), and the humidity has been reasonable.
I worked in the garden yesterday and have finally deweeded (is there such a word? word check doesn't think so, but I'm using it anyway) one flower bed and started on another one.
I've also been trying to clear out the summer things from the house and bring in the Autumn ones, love the colors-brown, yellow, orange and black.
Miss Kitty, who lay around all summer like a melted blob of butter, now insists on going out in the yard everyday.  We caught her up a tree yesterday with a squirrel squawking at her.  Today she is restricted to the deck.
Mac, when not working in the yard,  has been busy painting, as always,

 and has finished a lovely little painting that is loosely based on a painting we saw in a Midsomer Murders episode (The Black Book I think).  I love it, trying to decide where it should go.


  1. Summer has well and truly vanished here, woolly jumpers and the heating on for us now!
    The painting is super, Mac is very talented and how clever to copy it like that

  2. Deweeded is now in my vocabulary and hang spell check.
    Summer is over here, too, and in a far colder manner!

  3. Definitely no temperatures in the 80s here! Don't think it's got above 50 today - definitely chilly. Still I'm off to warmer climes on Saturday, Juliette and I will be flying to Madrid. Like you I love the colours of autumn both indoors and out. The colder weather should hopefully help the leaves to colour. At the moment they are just drying up and falling to the ground. I'm really sorry to hear about your daughter's cat, it's always so hard to lose animal friends.

  4. Yes, summer is slipping gracefully away. Last night we had our first frost which was visible this morning however, the day was one of glorious sunshine. Tonight a log fire is blazing away keeping us very toasty.

  5. I am so glad things are cooling down for you.

    "Deweeded" is perfect, and for some reason reminds me of Amelia Bedelia (dusting vs. undusting). Much better to de-weed than to weed! :)

  6. I love Mac's painting!! I know just the Midsomer episode that you mean, and remember the painting in question - how come I can remember that and forget so many other things!! - I think that Mac did a great rendition of it. I hope that the favourable temperatures continue for you. xx

  7. It's definitely autumn here. We had a beautiful September but October hasn't started so well, rain and dull skies. The painting's lovely, I've never watched Midsomer Murders.

  8. What a nice idea to change your home to match the seasons. Deweeded... hm. Not sure what I think of that word :)

  9. Wow, what talent your husband has! Thanks for your comment on my blog x


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