Monday, October 13, 2014


We received a post card recently  from one of our favorite people, Mac's cousin, or technically his 2nd cousin Isabel.  She's been traveling again, this time taking a transcontinental train across Canada, by herself.  Did I mention that she is in her 80's?  She's always been a traveler, when her Mother, Mac's Great Aunt (and she was still traveling in her 90's) was alive they travelled everywhere: across Russia on a train, the length of Africa on a train, cruises to the Middle East and Japan.  On her own she's been to China, Cambodia,Vietnam, Antarctica (more than once), all over Europe, Australia.
Any time I mention some place I'd love to visit, Petra in Jordan for example, she'll say, "Go, you'll love it, I've visited it several times."
Isabel on the left
Last year she told us about going to the airport in San Francisco to catch a flight to Vietnam where she was to join a tour, but her flight was canceled, but the airline folks told her to stay and they'd try and find her another flight.  They did, it involved flying to Beijing, changing to a plane going to Shanghai and then on to Hanoi in Vietnam.  She said she sat there for a minute, asked the Lord (she's very religious) if he thought it was a good idea and He told her to go for it, so she did and had a wonderful time.
She is elegant, lovely and a joy to be around. Her handwriting is so gorgeous, I'm jealous and embarrassed when I send her a card because my writing is so messy.
 I hope to be half as nice and as well traveled
 when I get to be her age.
Look at that handwriting!


  1. Wow! What an inspirational lady! Ypou're right, her handwriting is beautiful.

  2. I wish I was like Isabel, I am not nearly as adventurous! I do actually fancy visiting Petra one day. x

  3. How fabulous! I hope I'm travelling that much when I'm in my 80s!

  4. she sounds like a fabulous lady! send her over here for a holiday x

  5. What a wonderful lady and such wonderful handwriting too! She sounds as though she is a great inspiration and fascinating to talk to I am sure!! xx

  6. I hope I'm still like that when I'm 80!


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