Friday, October 17, 2014

Random Friday Thoughts

•  Both the Wild Card teams are going to the World Series, that's fun, but of course we'll be rooting for San Francisco 'cause we're originally from the San Francisco Bay Area----Go Giants!

•  Trying to send money in a foreign currency to a foreign country is a complicated job thanks to 9/11, you'd think we were trying to fund something weird instead of paying for a cottage

•  Our cat's on indoor restriction, she's becoming way too comfortable with hanging out with squirrels

•  We've finally gotten around to watching The Big Bang Theory from the beginning and it's great and  no, I'm not identifying with Sheldon, even I'm not that weird

•  For some reason the song "The End of the World As We Know It, and I Feel Fine" by REM is  stuck in my head  and no I'm not thinking about ebola

•  I have a Christmas project started upstairs, but it's sitting next to a puzzle and the puzzle keeps sucking me in, saying, "Come on, just one more piece"

•  Tomorrow our area is having a garage sale, we're not participating and I'm hoping shoppers don't show up at dawn hoping to buy some junk, I mean gem to haul home with them

•  I need to go find some pipe cleaners 'cause Mac needs to put spiders on our spider web

Have a great week end.


  1. It we tried to confine our indoor/outdoor cat indoors, there would be hell to pay.

  2. A whole area garage sale? How could you resist? I'd just open the front door and invite everyone in!

  3. Hi, just catching up, I am so far behind! I hope that you managed to sort the money out! xx


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