Saturday, October 25, 2014

Extra Long Shoe Laces

Let's be right up front about this, I HATE THEM!  They're a pain in the patooy.  I know why the laces are too long, it's cost effective for  the shoe manufacturer to only have to stock one length of shoe laces, long ones fit (HA) all lace up shoes. But knowing that does me very little good.
What to do with your long laces?  You can tie extra long bows, you can double knot them, use the extra holes at the top of your shoes, cut them down, wrap them around your ankles or spend the day tripping over them.  Right now I'm double knotting them, but I'm not happy, knotting them once is bad enough, double knotting them requires more manuel dexterity than I have.
For my next pair of shoes I think I'm going to get ones with velcro closure, then I'll officially be older than dirt and have to move to Florida.


  1. Be economical cut them in half and you have two sets of laces !

  2. I pick up a pair of appropriately sized laces at the rack by the check out counter and put the too long pair in the Goodwill bag. Heron has a decent solution, except I'm afraid the extra laces would just accumulate in my drawer. They do make good zipper pulls, though. Hmm, I suppose I can think of several uses for unused shoe laces. Well, enough rambling.

  3. I had to smile at your words. I put a new pair of laces on my walking boots last week because the ones that came with them had always been too short and kept untying themselves as I walked - I thought these ones would be lovely and long but when I came to put the boots on there was far too much lace - like you I'm double knotting at the moment:)

  4. I know what you mean about velcro - I absolutely refuse to have velcro fastening even if I have to get someone else to fasten my shoes for me.

  5. I agree, velcro fastening shoes would be a downward spiral, elasticated waists would quickly follow. Just a warning.


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