Thursday, October 23, 2014

Memory, My Poor Memory

Box of Checks
I wasted an hour this morning looking for a box of checks.  I don't write a lot of checks, pay most of my bills online, but some places are still not set up for that so I pull out the old checkbook.  Today when I wrote my check I noticed that it was the last check in the book so I went looking for a new book to put in it.
Our bank has gone through a couple of mergers in the last couple of years and so through a couple of name changes.  They told us we could continue to use our old checks, but my checks were so old I'd  ordered new ones with the new name on them and when they came I put them away, somewhere.  Unfortunately I forgot where that somewhere was, I tore apart my desk and the area all around it looking for the boxes of new checks.  They were nowhere to be found.  I became worried, as I'm apt to do, and began to wonder if the checks I'd ordered had even come in or if something had happened to them.  Then I opened up Mac's checkbook and saw that he had one of the new checkbooks, so they'd come in or at least the ones for his account had, though I couldn't find the box of them either.
My oh so neat shelf
Then I looked on the top shelf of my desk and though it was obvious that there were no boxes there I looked anyway and lo and behold I found my checks.  Not in a box as I assumed they would be, but in a portfolio.  I felt stupid for not remembering that.
 I got a new checkbook out and put the rest back, here's hoping I remember where they are when next I go looking for them, but given the state of my memory which has never been good I'm really not hopeful.  But perhaps blogging about it will help.


  1. I know exactly how you feel - I am always misplacing things, and then wondering if it is my imagination that I have seen them. I suppose it is a case of getting older.

  2. How about the assemble it yourself check box? One was included in my last order of checks,that arrived in a large, flat pack. Followed soon after by an email asking me to rate the quality of the job and the service.

  3. That is so annoying but happens to all of us. I am guilty of signing up for things on line thinking I will remember which of my passwords I used, never do.

  4. My checks recently came in a folder also, not as convenient for storing as the old boxes. I'm sure I now have a lifetime supply as you must buy hundreds at a time and I probably use 8 a year, tops!
    Glad you found yours.

  5. You can always count your blog ... If you remember!


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