Monday, October 27, 2014


Lantana Tree
Lantana Bushes
After cleaning toilets, so much fun, I rewarded myself with time in the garden destroying weeds, so satisfying.   Not many flowers left, some lantana that the butterflies love, pots of pansies I potted yesterday and some impatients that just keep getting bigger.
Meanwhile Mac's been playing with Halloween stuff.  He made a web out of a shrimp net and spiders out of pine cones and  pipe cleaners.

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Pots of Pansies that don't care how cold it gets,
just not too hot

Impatiens With Pig



  1. My hallowe'en pumpkin is all ready here for the farmer to carve.

  2. I like your Halloween decorations, especially the scary spider. And that beautiful house in the background. Is that yours? It looks historic and beautifully kept.

  3. I was going to squeal "Your pig has an impatiens, too." Good thing I didn't.

  4. Love Mac's Halloween efforts! I haven't done a thing yet and can't even find time to blog - WW1 exhibition has taken over my life. Shall be glad when it's over and I can get back to my little domestic life again!

  5. Cynthia, that's our house, thanks for the compliment, it's not old, built in 2000.
    Rowan, looking forward to hearing about your WWI exhibit, we sure enjoyed the one at the Imperial War Museum in London.
    Yes Joanne, my pig is a pig not in clover, but in Impatiens
    Weaver, Mac will be carving pumpkins today

  6. I love your Halloween decorations. We don't really bother with Halloween now the kids are grown up, it isn't such a big event here as it is over there.

  7. That pig looks so real. Love piggies, apparently they are as intelligent as dogs


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