Friday, October 3, 2014

It's Here!!!!!

The delivery team for our new refrigerator called Tuesday night and let us know they would be here between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm Wednesday, so we let our friend Mike know that if he wanted our old refrigerator, he was going to use it for spare parts, that he needed to come and get it.  So bright and early Wednesday morning he came to move it.  The entrances to our kitchen are small so he ended up having to take the doors off the fridge to get it out.  But out it went, down the stairs and up into his truck.  He asked it the new fridge was going to fit the opening we had and Mac said he thought fridges were all a standard size.  Mike said their width is standard, but not the heights.  So I ran to the computer, looked our new one up and sure enough, it was taller than our old one.  Luckily there was a decorative strip of wood on the bottom of the cupboard that's above the refrigerator opening so we were able to remove it and make more room.
When the delivery team showed up that afternoon we told them they'd probably have to take the doors off of the fridge to get it in the kitchen.  They measured the openings, measured the fridge and removed the doors.  Before you knew it, the fridge was in, with very little room to spare, the waterline was hooked up, all the drawers and shelves were put in and they went over the operation of the fridge with me.
Cubic footwise it's not any bigger than my old fridge, but the layout inside is so much better.
Here's hoping it lasts a long, long time.

Waiting patiently

It's gorgeous!

Love the double door opening on top
Like the freezer on the bottom with pullout baskets


  1. For want of an inch, one whole cupboard was sacrificed to our new fridge last week. Good your surgery was much less; enjoy.

  2. So glad that you are with fridge again!! These things make such a difference to our lives don't they, I am so grateful for refrigeration. xx

  3. That looks so smart - my next one will hopefully be stainless steel too.

  4. It looks gorgeous! it's so good that they deliver and install like that, we had to try to figure ours out ourselves .

  5. Jay, not only did they set it all up, if our friend hadn't taken the old one away they would have taken it away too, free.

  6. It's fabulous. I love the design, I think the freezer draw at the bottom is great.

  7. Good choice, we have one of those beasts in our new apartment and I love it. Sadly it was left without instructions, as were all the appliances, so no ice yet, we may have to come to you for a demo.

  8. Jenny, is the water line hooked up?

  9. I'm soooo jealous it's beautiful x


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