Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday, Monday

I don't like Mondays even though I don't work any more, there's just something about them.  And this one started way too early.  I had to be at the doctor's office first thing to get a B-12 shot and boy did I need it--I don't think they've gotten my thyroid straightened out yet, even though they've doubled my medication dosage,  I have no energy whatsoever.   The B-12 helps though.
Anyway, got to the doctor's with about a minute to spare and they informed me that I also needed a fasting blood test, lucky for them I hadn't eaten anything yet.  The doctor's nurse gave me the shot and I thought the usual Phlebotomist would draw the blood---she's so good, I never feel a thing--but no, the nurse was going to do it and boy was she heavy-handed, got the needle in, but could hardly make the blood flow.  She was reaching for my other arm when the Phlebotomist took over, thank goodness, soft, soft hands, I felt nothing.
So now I have pinpricks in each arm, but one arm is bruising and the other one you can hardly see anything.
Not a good way to start the day.
We had rain twice over the weekend, that's the first rain in almost a month, boy did we need it.  Tomorrow I need to mow, they saying, though I don't really believe them, that it's only going to be 89º .  I hope they're right.
Off to do another round on my crocheted throw, beginning to wonder if I'll ever finish is.


  1. It's the same at my surgery, my b12 jab really stings when certain nurses give it but doesn't hurt at all when others do. It's got to be down to their technique.

  2. It gets further around with every row, doesn't it. Unlike mowing the lawn.

  3. It was almost nice here today, too, with lower humidity and "only" upper 80s. It would be nice if this lasted awhile.
    Hope your shot pepped you up and made the pain worth it.

  4. I always get 'light-headed' when they draw blood, no matter how I try to rationalize it! It's never fun - so sorry that was how your Monday started :( I think everyone is looking forward to fall. I know I am.....keep cool. xx Karen

  5. I hope your shot worked! Mondays are my day to get organized for the week and I like it that way so the rest of the week goes smoothly:)

  6. Monday must be the popular day for shots and blood tests, my husband has his blood tests done every Monday. Things can only get better.

  7. Yes ... some nurses just have a more sensitive touch don't they.
    I find dentists the same!

    Hope you are managing to keep as cool as possible

    All the best Jan

  8. No one can find the blood in me either. I end up with quite a few holes!

  9. It makes a big difference who does the blood tests doesn't it? My doctor's surgery is pretty good on the whole thank goodness but I once had blood taken by a junior hospital doctor who made a real mess of me. Bet some of your lack of energy is the heat and humidity - it drains all my energy though fortunately it doesn't often get really bad in the UK.

  10. I always have to look the other way when they draw blood. I'm afraid of what might happen if I look. I haven't ever fainted, but maybe that's because I never I'm not taking a chance.

    My energy gets low at times, wonder if a coffee IV would help?


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