Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Suffering From the Lazies

I've been meaning to blog, truly I have, but each time I sit down to do it my hands get tired, my brain dries up and nothing gets done.  Can't blog about my cat, she sleeps 16+ plus hours and does all her running around at night, we find her balls and other toys scattered around in the morning.
Still hot here, today will be the 50th day in a row that we've had 90º+ weather.  If it keeps it up and there's no reason why it shouldn't--except I wish it wouldn't---we'll break the record for consecutive days at 90º +.  The record is 56 days, set in 2011, and we were here for that record too.
Not a lot going on, had to order stronger readers to go with my contact lenses.  The lenses are for distance only.  I know that some people wear one lens for near vision and one for far, but one of my eyes is so dominant that my brain ignores the other eye, consequently I  only wear one contact.
 It was getting to the point where each morning I had to make the print bigger on my computer, then when I put my glasses on at night I had to reduce it again.
Then I've been fussing around trying to get my thyroid mediation straightened out.  My half a thyroid has gotten even lazier than me, which might explain why I'm feeling so lazy, and they needed to up my medication, but my doctor was on vacation and we had to wait for him to get back.  Picked up my stronger dose pills today, we'll see if that helps.
Have started work on an embroidery project, which will go faster when I get my new readers.  Also started a new painting, boats.  I like painting boats and lighthouses.
Then my yarn got here from Amazon and I started my new throw.  Here's a picture I took Monday, but I'm much further along now and should finish it this week.
Read a book I didn't like, Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke.  We tried watching the tv show, but it was awful, but we were curious about it.  So I got the book, which I'm sure I read years ago when I read a lot of Science Fiction, but really did not care for it.
Also read a collection of Agatha Christie short stories from the early 1930's and they were quite a disappointment.
Now I'm reading Liane Moray's new book Truly, Madly, Guilty and I'm not sure I care for it much.  So a bit of a reading slump
That's my week, hope you're having a good one.


  1. Lazy summer days! We have them too but our weather is much cooler than yours. Your throw is looking good! :)

  2. The weather makes me lazy. Too hot to do many of the things I would like to do. Hope you get your pep back soon. I love the colors of your new throw.

  3. The heat always makes me tired, too - it can be exhausting after so many days, I can only imagine! I had to get new glasses recently. It's amazing all the things I couldn't see! Lol! Like dust :) I hope your new medication helps. Your crochet throw is lovely. I do like the soft, misty colors. xx Karen

  4. I hope your new medicine works for you. The colors of yarn you're using for your new throw are so lovely. Stay cool, Pat xx

  5. With that heat I'm not surprised that you're feeling lazy:) your throw looks nice, can't comment on the books as I haven't read any of them. I'm reading a book of shirt stories called Sandlands all set in Suffolk which is where I am atm.

    1. I've heard good things about that book.

  6. I wouldn't worry about it...there's no golden rule that says you have to blog. I myself find it hard to make the time, but I've still been plodding along with it for eleven years! Take some time out for yourself, as you are doing. :-)

  7. I remember when my thyroid was wacko. It was the longest two years of my life. Do get on top of that one. All the rest, not to worry, I think. Just too hot!

  8. You've done a pile and I absolutely love the colours of your blanket. Take care.

  9. I'd no doubt be exhausted too if we'd had such a long heat wave. Don't forget to drink a lot of water! ... Sending you cooling thoughts from Sweden, today may have been a record-breakingly cold day here for this early in August... around 10C this morning = 50F ...

  10. Love your afghan, good job on working on it in the hot summer!
    "Sailing Alone Around The World"...non-fiction book. JUST SAYING!!

  11. Know how you feel about feeling lazy, you have an excuse because of the heat. Hope the new medication helps:)


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