Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday in the Swamp

Don't know what temperature was predicted for today, but boy howdy, it's hot!  I know we have quite a bit of summer to get through, but I have noticed that the angle of the light coming through our windows is changing and it's getting dark sooner, YEAH!
Yesterday was middle child day, today is Left-Handed Day.  Mac and I are both righties, but our daughter is a leftie.  It sort of runs through both our families.
Lefties are different, they make up only 10% of our population, but our last 5 presidents were left handed, many artists were left handed ---Michealangelo, DaVinci, Dürer, Raphael, Rembrandt, Klee, Picasso--, many entrepreneurs --Bill Gates, Steve Jobs--sports legends--Rafael Nadel, Pele, Babe Ruth--many musicians--Paul McCartney, Sting, Mozart.
So lots of talented people are left handed.
As a teacher I always enjoyed having left handed students, they were different, nearly always creative and quick learners.  They say that lefties are more prone to having ADHD and dyslexia  problems and I did see some of that too, but they were always such interesting kids.
So, which hand do you use?


  1. Never sit a lefty and a righty next to each other at the dinner table! We have two grans that are lefties. I have hard that lefties were most likely twins in utero but one did not survive.
    I am mostly right handed but shoot left handed, bat and golf left handed...go figure:)

  2. I have left handed grands. Interesting kids.

  3. I'm right handed but my sister could use either.

  4. I am right handed but my husband is a leftie.

  5. Hi, just been reading through your previous posts too!

    I do hope you start to get cooler weather soon.
    I hope that you have straightened out your thyroid mediation.

    We have a mix of left and right handed in our family ... but I am right handed.

    All the best Jan

  6. I'm right handed but after my neck/shoulder injury years ago had to learn to use the left hand a lot more, even including writing by hand with my left. I'm back to normally using the right hand now but I'm still more ambidexter than I used to be before.

  7. I am a true leftie!Time in school was awful.I was made to. Do everything right handed including writing ,sports, needlework etc.I am useless at sports and put it down to that.Thank goodness things have changed.One of my five grandchildren is left handed but her grandpa on her Dad's side is also left handed.So, two out of four grandparents left handed.Us lefties won!!But it does make life difficult ,even on here.

  8. My mom and brother are lefties. Well, my mom is basically ambidextrous but that's because the nuns wouldn't let her use her left hand in school so she learned to compensate. She was born a leftie, though. My kids, husband and I are righties but my daughter is left-eye dominant, interestingly. We figured this out when she started learning to shoot an air rifle. I wonder if that's common or what it says about her brain.

    1. I'm left eye dominate, but right handed. Our daughter is left eye dominate, left handed and left footed.

  9. I'm right-handed but The Writer is left-handed so things can be interesting when we are seated together for a meal. We moved to a new (to us) house and I can tell that the builder was a leftie as several doors open the wrong direction! It's annoying but I am getting use to opening them the "wrong way."

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