Friday, July 9, 2010

Miss Kitty

I don't want to say that my cat is strange, but she's definitely different.  She love ice, the feel of it, the look of it and even better the sound of it.  Each day she waits for me to set some ice up on the stainless steel sink  (which means I do lots of scrubbing  on the sink) and she hops up to work with it.  She sniffs, she touches, she wacks it.  And once it lands in the sink she studies it some more watching it rattle around.
The first year we had her she take a nap holding an ice cube by her paw.  Strange, strange kitty.

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  1. This is one of the wonderful things about cats--each has some unique catly ways. In one of our homes we had a fridge that spat ice cubes rather violently when the ice dispenser was pressed. One of our cats [admittedly not especially bright] would rush to the kitchen when he heard the ice rattle and pounce on the cube that inevitably bounced onto the floor. He pushed it around, batting at it, until it became a puddle.


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