Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Talk About Relaxed

The squirrels in our backyard are so relaxed that after eating all the birdseed out of the feeder on the back deck they just chill out on the railing waiting for us to refill it.  If I knock on the window they ignore me, if I open the door they'll leave, briefly.  But as far as they're concerned it's not a birdfeeder it's a squirrelfeeder and if I were doing my job correctly it would never empty.
Looking at these pictures Mac said he wasn't sure if the squirrel was eating the birdseed or smoking it.
We let the cat chase one of them up a tree one day, but it didn't scare him, he just sat up there chattering throwing empty pine cones down.  So I'm looking for suggestions as to how to make my backyard less squirrel friendly because when they're this relaxed you know it's not good.


  1. Not sure about stopping them but we've got several million over here you can have back!!!

    Don't stand under them if they're up a tree. They pee from a distance very accurately!

  2. Amo House is obviously British because I echo those sentiments exactly! All my birdfeeders are in squirrel proof cages because otherwise the birds would never get near them. Squirrels are cute to look at but are a real menace in UK, they have decimated our native red squirrel population, there are just a very few last bastions where the reds are still managing to just about hang on.


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