Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Drive Friendly

I had to drive my car into town yesterday to get it serviced and a "lady", notice I put that in quotation marks, tailgated me the whole 6  miles or so.  Yes I know the speed limit is 55, and that's what I usually drive on that road.  But when the cars in front of you are doing 45-50 that's all you can do unless you want to drive up their tailpipe.
The "lady" behind me, in her Mommymobile (that's what I call cars designed to haul about a dozen kids) stayed about 6 feet from my rear bumper.  I don't know where she was going that was so important because I've never gone anywhere that I was willing to endanger my life or that of the drivers around me, to get to.
When we got closer to town they gave us another lane and she flew past me doing 50 in a 35 mile zone.  She needed a ticket.
For future reference town isn't on wheels, it won't roll away, your job will still be there even if you're a little late, soccer practice isn't going to disappear if you aren't on time.  Is this how you'll teach your kids to drive when they're old enough?  Lighten up, ease your foot off that gas pedal, you'll have a better day and so will I.

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