Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why I Won't Be Doing Business With Bank of America Any Time Soon

We were over in South Carolina today and decided to pick up some fireworks for the Fourth of July.  Reaching the check-out counter Mac gave the lady there his Bank of America Mastercard, she ran it and the transaction was refused, how embarrassing!  They didn't take American Express and we couldn't use our Visa because they'd called us this week to verify some suspicious purchases using our card (they'd been made in Colorado) and we told them they weren't ours, so they stopped payment, told us to cut up our cards and they'd be sending new ones with a new number, so we paid cash for our purchase, but were still very embarrassed.
When we got home I called the 1-800 Customer Service number on the card, entered the card's number and found out that the account had been closed even though the expiration date on the card wasn't until late in 2011.  So I waited to talk to a Customer Service Rep who welcomed me as a long-time customer (we've had the card for years) and asked how he could help.  And I told him that according to their automated service that I wasn't a customer that my account had been closed and I wanted to know why.  He checked and said that unfortunately that was true, we hadn't used the card in a while so they'd closed the account.  I asked if they'd informed me of that fact and he said no, they didn't have the personnel to do that.  And I said so you just left me to try and use it and get embarrassed when it wouldn't work.  He said, well, it is on your statement that they have the right to close accounts that aren't used frequently.  I asked if that was in the small 1/16 of an inch print on the bottom of the statement, and he said that on the new statements it is in larger print.  He then offered to take down my credit information and reopen my account.  I told him I didn't like the way they did business and didn't want a card from them.
That was Bank of America Card Services doing business, but not my business.


  1. I'm not surprised you won't be using them again, it doesn't take long to put a standard letter in an envelope and post it to the customer concerned, there's no excuse for what they did.

  2. That is a wretched business, especially as you had to cut up your other card because of fraudulent use - somewhere I've been!

  3. That is terrible but nothing surprises me these days with banks.


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