Friday, July 16, 2010


There is nothing in the world better than having a daughter, I know because I have one and she is the best.
She was born in Bad Krueznach, Germany where we were living while, Mac was in the Army and we were stationed there.    At that time I thought I wanted a son,  and as there were no sonograms  I didn't know the sex of our baby, but I was convinced it was a boy and only picked out a boy's name.  And then came April our beautiful little girl.  Her Dad was thrilled, he'd wanted a daughter, and I quickly found out that having a daughter was wonderful.  Having had her I always said that if we had another baby I'd want another girl, just like her.
We enjoyed every age she was, the tiny little girl who looked so much like her Dad,  the little Fraulein who always had a smile , the horsemad little girl with her first pony , the college grad and the grown-up woman she is.  When others complained about their kids I'd just smile, I knew how lucky we were to have a daughter like her.
She's coming tonight, flying in, so we can celebrate her birthday tomorrow, and for me to say again how lucky we are to have her for a daughter.

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  1. What a lovely post. She is a very lucky girl to have you as her parents. Have a great time with her and please wish her a happy birthday from your blogging friend.


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