Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cell Phones Redux

I still hate cell phones, still don't know my cell phone number, still just carry it in case of emergency and as I watch people with them I'm still  amazed.  I was out shopping yesterday and saw more than one Mom with her kids.  Was she talking to them, was she pointing things out to them?  Of course not, they were all talking on their cell phones.  One lady had a toddler crying in the front of her basket and a young boy at her side plaintively saying, "Mom, Mom", but to no avail, whoever she was talking to on the cell phone was more important.  Whatever she was talking about   was more important than her kids, how sad.
I've seen them at the beach, in parks, everywhere, talk, talk, talking, but not to their kids.  What's wrong with them?
I guess when the kids are older they can call them on their cell phones, maybe then they can talk.


  1. I so agree with you about this, I too often notice mothers ignoring their children while they talk on their cell phones. It's very sad, I can never understand why people want to be constantly on the end of a phone, they miss so much.

  2. People don't understand anything whenever they are using there cellphones.many times i observe this kinds of fact people talk on their cellphones while driving their vehicles.this is really manner to look at.


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