Monday, July 5, 2010

And the Lights Lit the Sky

I sat on the back deck and Mac lit the night sky.  Lots of fountains, tiny tanks attacking Godzilla and strobe lights galore.  I won't say there were any Roman Candles because they're illegal here in Georgia, but when they do go off they are spectacular .  I of course always have to have sparklers.
Mac says that he always remembers his Uncle Ekes letting off fireworks at their old house.  He also remembers his brother Ron and cousin Sharon sneaking fireworks back from Tijuana to let off in Malibu, quite illegally of course.
My best firework memory was of my Dad buying up a load in Missouri when we were on our way to Oklahoma to visit my Grandparents, we sat on their big old wrap around porch and he set off fireworks for what seemed like forever.  Watching the night sky light up, listening to cicadas and eating homemade ice cream.
I always enjoy the 4th, every town around had firework shows, Tybee Island does them out over the water, Savannah on the river and in Richmond Hill it's in the park.  Down the road from us is Fort McAllister and they always put on a show that includes cannon firing.  And to top it off the weather was perfect, hot enough to swim, but not too hot and low humidity.  Great weekend.

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