Sunday, July 11, 2010

Well We Did It

It you read this Blog you know that our Miata died on us a couple of weeks ago as we were driving down the road.  Our car guy got it going again, said that there was a short somewhere in the electrical system and though they'd changed the fuse that it had blown they had been unable to find the short.  He said that next time it happened they wouldn't change the fuse and would stand a better chance of finding the short.   And let me tell you that was a very expensive fuse.  Considering the fact that we'd changed the engine in this car in 2005, its radiator in 2007,  that it needed a new roof (base price $1,000), that Mac wanted new low profile wheels (about $1600) and the fact that it was 11 years old we decided to start looking for a new Miata.  We went to our local dealer, but they wanted $25,000 once you added everything on, so we searched the Internet and found one we liked north of Atlanta (about a 4 hour drive) at a price we liked, asked our local dealer if they could match the price and I'll be darned, they could.  So Saturday we picked up our new car, looking not unlike our old car.  We're happy.  


  1. Very nice I'm so jealous!! Is it black or navy blue?

  2. It's black just like the old one, we looked at a silver one but liked the black one better.

  3. Very smart. Ours is a Mk1 British Racing Green 1.8is


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