Friday, October 29, 2010

A Witch By Any Other Name

Actual size of bloomer pattern

My witch is done, well mostly done, she doesn't have her cat and she doesn't have her bloomers, and quite frankly she may never get them.  I'm not a great sewer, but I'm competent, I can read directions, follow a pattern and sew a straight seam, so when I saw the pattern for my witch I ordered it thinking that would be so much easier than just making one free hand.  Boy was I wrong.  The pattern was terrible, clothes turned out way too big and didn't fit, I had to enlarge the body, directions were terrible, and not in good order.  They simply told me to cut a piece so big by so big for the skirt   and I was expected to free hand her bloomers from a tiny diagram, now I can do that, but I paid for a pattern and I expected to get a pattern for each piece.  But she's done and if I don't end up hating her I might make her cat, but she'll never get those bloomers!

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