Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Was I Thinking? Part Two

Continuing with my theme of have I finally lost it, let me tell you what happened when I made peach jam last week.  I've made several batches of peach jam this year, each one a bit better than the last.  So maybe I was getting cocky.  Not stupid though because I had all my ingredients lined up and recipe in hand.  I even read the recipe.  Did I follow the recipe, of course not.  Instead of putting in the peaches and the pectin and bringing it to a full boil before adding the sugar, I added the sugar right at the beginning and brought it all to a boil together.
Why?  I don't know, I'd just read the recipe, I wasn't multitasking and trying to do a couple of things at once (always a disaster for me), the phone didn't ring, there was no one at the door, but I did it any way.
This is getting scary, I'm making no transference to long-term memory at all.  I laughingly told Mac I thought I'd put in earplugs to stop information leaking out that way, but he said it'd probably just dribble out my nose then--not a pretty sight.
So any way, I now how many jars of peach syrup instead of peach jam, I guess we'll have to start eating French Toast instead of regular toast.

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  1. I am, ruefully, relating to these tales.
    When I made peach jam it came out fine, but I had to keep re-reading the recipe I had just looked at--I guess that means no short-term memory?


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