Friday, October 8, 2010

St.Simon's Island

No Blog yesterday as we got up and took off to St. Simon's Island.  It's Mac's birthday month so he gets to pick where we're going.  We had gone there last Spring and almost didn't go yesterday because Mac was afraid it wouldn't be as nice as we remembered, and in ways he was right, it was better!  Glorious weather, few people on the beach and I got to paint while he fished.  We went to 1st Street Beach Area, lots of free parking, a plastic walkway out to the water so you weren't fighting the sand all the way, clean bathrooms, really a nice place.
This was only about the third time Mac  has gone surf fishing and the water was perfect for it, gently rolling water, no white caps, no wind.  He caught 2 fish that someone told him were called Blues.  Usually he does catch and release but had to do in the first one because he couldn't get the hook out of it, and on top of that it bit him!  He said it had teeth like a barracuda.
After fishing we went to Neptune park and walked along the water and then went to lunch at Brogans, a place we'd never eaten at and we like to try new places.  We both had steak sandwiches and I wish that someone would teach cooks/chefs that rare doesn't mean raw, you sear it on the outside, not just defrost it and heat it up.  But we got to eat outside, always a favorite of ours and the view was beautiful.  Nice, nice day.

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  1. Your Mac and my John should really get their rods together!!!

    What a beautiful beach too.


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