Friday, October 15, 2010

Tee Time

About 5 years ago Mac made us a small putting green in the backyard.  Now neither of us is a golfer, though we'll watch a bit of it on tv, but we thought it might be fun to play a little pitch and putt.  And that's what we do, in the spring and fall, in the summer it's too hot to do much of anything in our yard.  So the weeds take over the rock edging he put around the green.  About twice a year I'll go out and pull all the weeds and you're  to see the green again.
 This year it really got overgrown and I could barely make out the shape of it.  But I sat out there this morning and started pulling the weeds out of the rocks before the sun drove me in.  They predicted that it would only be in the 70's today, and windy, because there was a cold front passing through, HA!, but it's much closer to 80 than 70 and I felt like I was frying my brain.
Plus the ground was as hard as a rock!  We haven't had any rain since the end of September and they're saying we don't have any coming in the next 8-10 days, so Mac has set the sprinkler up to see if he can soften the ground for me.  Anyway, I took a picture, see if you can spot the putting green.

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