Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Was I Thinking?

I'm getting worried about me.    I started  crocheting an afghan this week even though I haven't crocheted in years.  I'm kind of like Rose on "Keeping Up Appearances" who had to slow down to religious speed, I've had to slow down to crocheting speed, or at least crocheting weather.  It's too hot to crochet here in the summer,  even with the air conditioner on I don't want an afghan laying on my lap.  But I digress.  I had tracked down a free pattern on the internet and I'd  bought the yarn for the afghan during the summer, so I was ready to go.  Well actually I'd  bought one skein, which is a big  no no, in crocheting,  you're supposed to buy all the yarn you'll need for a project at once so it will be from the same dye lot.  But I was feeling thrifty, yes, let's call it thrifty, and I only bought the one.
Well as I said, I started on the afghan this week and quickly realized  I was going to need more yarn, SOON,   so I went looking for the label I'd torn off the yarn  so I could get the brand and color.  Couldn't find the label, looked everywhere including the trash.  But I didn't panic.  I thought, ok, it's bound to be Red Heart that's the brand I usually buy, I'd just look on the internet and try to match the color.    Wasn't quite sure where I'd bought the yarn  so I started looking on Amazon at Red Heart yarn, thousands of them, but even with the yarn laying next to the computer I couldn't get a match. Ah,  but then I remembered where I had bought it and I quickly looked through their site and still no match.  Desperate ideas of putting this yarn only on the ends and filling in the rest of the afghan with a different color passed through my mind,  but that would be a last resort.  I tore through the mess of stuff I keep "neatly" organized by the couch one more time, and as if popping in from another dimension, there was the label.  It wasn't Red Heart after all, it was Lion's Brand.  So back online to the store where I'd made my initial purchase and I attempted to order all the yarn I needed.  Every time I thought I had the order, address, charge card information all filled in the d**n thing refused to put the order through.
Frustrated I went to back to Amazon, found Lion's Brand yarn, found the color I needed, parfait,  and I ordered enough to finish the afghan,  And because it's such a twisty yarn and the color is variegated  I'm hoping it will all match up.  Here's hoping the yarn gets here before I get a burst of energy and get past crochet speed again.


  1. I do things like that and I'm not sure if I should just sigh and call it an "age thing" or admit that maybe I've always had a tendancy to muddle.
    Ordering on-line can be a neat thing or it can go badly. I haven't been able to change my e-bay account to accomodate our change in address and such--so after a frustrating time yesterday I decided I simply don't need to do e-bay!

  2. I don't know...what were you thinking? haha
    I tried that crocheting/knitting thing and it lasted--oh...bout TEN minutes!


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