Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beautiful October Day

It's a beautiful October day, the sky is so blue it looks phony. So just a few random items before we take off for the day.  Tomorrow is Mac's birthday and he's been craving lamb shank so we're going to try out a new, to us anyway, Mediterranean restaurant  over in Savannah.  I'm looking forward to the Mezes and tons of pita bread.  Their menu online looks like they have a mixture of Greek and Turkish food and as we lived in Turkey for a couple of years we really like Turkish food, so fingers crossed.  
Mac's getting a green house for his birthday, I had him pick it out because I wanted him to get one he really wanted, but I have a few surprises planned for him too.
Before lunch we're off to order wood flooring to put in our closets, FINALLY!   We've had yucky carpeting in there forever, I do not want to think about what the people who owned our house before us did to them, but bad dog thoughts run through my mind.  When we pulled up the carpet in our bedroom and put in wood floors and pulled the carpet out of the bathroom and replaced it with tile we said that next we'd do the closets next.   But with one thing and another we haven't gotten around to them till now.  We will order the wood today and it will be done before Thanksgiving, YEAH!
And before  shopping  we're going to do early voting, and boy howdy, if ever there was a year when I thought all the candidates stunk this is it.  I've moved back and forth between the two parties, I guess that makes me an Independent,  and I'm fed up with both of them.  Does this make me a Tea Party fan, no, I'm frustrated with the direction of our country and how high taxes are, but I think most of the Tea Party candidates are just too weird for words.  So I guess I'll just hold my nose and vote.
But as I said, it's a beautiful day.

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  1. I think that those of us who lived through weeks of hot and humid weather are loving this autumn--too dry in Kentucky, but otherwise very beautiful.
    I hear you about someone else's carpets! Pulling up most of the carpet was one of the first things we did in this little house. There is still carpet in this very room which serves as guest bedroom and a computer room. I don't like to imagine what lurks in a 30 year old rug!
    The political situation does indeed stink--what happened to candidates with some real values and integrity?


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