Monday, October 11, 2010

Goodies From England

Our shipment from England came in last week and it felt like Christmas around here.  Kudos to Simon Hall  for their packing and shipping job, they're not cheap but well worth the money.  When shipping we've learned that it's not  priced  by weight, but rather by volume, so we always put a lot of smaller items in with our bigger stuff.
The picture is of the Georgian tilt-top tea table we bought.  I've wanted one forever, but it seemed liked those I saw were either bigger than I wanted or most expensive than I was willing to pay.  But this trip we saw several all in about the same price range, so we bought one.  The top has a lovely patina and you can tell that it has been both well used and well loved through the years.  I haven't put anything on it yet because I'm sure my cat is going to use it for a resting spot for awhile, that's what she does with anything new we get, and she has the distressing habit of kicking anything on her spot off, so I'll wait.  She's already used the chair so I figure the table is next.
The balloon-back chair on the left is also one of the things I shipped back, the one on the right came a few years ago.  I've put them in the sitting room part of our bedroom.  I need a larger rug but I haven't decided exactly what kind I want.  Mac says round, but I don't think so, I'm thinking more about a 5/7 rectangular one.  But in the meantime it's  nice to have the table here.

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