Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pea, Peas, Peas, Peas, Eating Goober Peas....

A little post about peanuts an important crop in Georgia.  When the Atlanta Braves were playing the San Francisco Giants in the baseball playoffs this month I bet Mac's cousin (who lives in California) that the Atlanta Braves would win,  If  Atlanta won  he would send me a bag of California pistachios, if San Francisco won I would send him a bag of Georgia peanuts.  Well of course Atlanta lost and I've been on the track of some Georgia peanuts  and I haven't  been able to find  any from Georgia any where.
 What I have learned is that there are 4 types of peanuts grown here in the South: runner, Spanish,  Valencia and Virginia.  Ninety-nine per of the peanuts grown in Georgia are runners and those are used primarily for making peanut butter.  Before the 70's they mainly grew Spanish peanuts  here and now it's runner peanuts.  The most popular peanut for just eating is the Virginia peanut and its grown in North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina, and that's the only kind of peanut I could find for sale in any of the stores.
It should also be said that peanuts aren't actually nuts at all, they're members of the legume family, so they're more a pea than a nut.
 As for the title of my Blog, well that's an old Civil War song and the goober peas they're singing about are boiled peanuts and they were an important part of the Confederate soldier's diet.  I've never eaten a boiled peanut, seen them, decided they were not for me, peanuts, even if they're really a pea, should not bend.
So cousin you'll be getting North Carolina peanuts, not Georgia peanuts unless you want a jar of peanut butter.

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