Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween, Sort of

Well today is Halloween though the kids around here went Trick or Treating last night.  That is the few kids who were allowed to go Trick or Treat any more.  We had 3 kids stop by our house,  that's all, so I gave them loads of candy.  It's sad that so few get to go out, though I can't blame the parents, I hardly let our daughter Trick or Treat when she was young, I generally threw her candy away and give her some I had bought.
How different all that is from when I was a child, oh those many years ago.  Our parents didn't go Trick or Treating  with us, no one bothered us out there in the dark, we stayed out for hours and then came home and gorged ourselves on the candy.  It was heaven.  The last time I went I was 13, getting a little old for it, but it was such fun you hated to give it up.
Now parents have to be by their child's side, all candy must be inspected and no home made treats will be accepted, how sad.
It's a strange world we live in and I'm sure each generation has thought that their growing up years were the best, but I know mine were a good time to be a child.  We went to the movies on Saturday without an adult.  We left our doors unlocked as well as our cars.  No one swore on our tv or took their clothes off.  Adults were the smart people not the kids.  We played outside until dark and our parents didn't worry about us.  We were children,  we didn't have to worry about Aids, Breast Cancer, Drugs, Child Molesters, etc--we'd never heard of these things.  But children as young as 3 and 4 are told about such things now, where's the chance to just be a child without worries?
I don't envy children of today, they're hardly allowed to be children at all.

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  1. Yes all very sad. And we don't get much respite as adults from the big issues either.


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