Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Walk

Fort McAllister entrance
We walk at least 2 miles every day, usually through our subdivision, but when the weather finally cools down, as it has, we start venturing out for longer walks.  Today we went to Ft. McAllister a Civil War Fort just a  mile or so down the road from us.  The Fort was built in 1861 to protect the Ogeechee River and to keep the important King's Road open so supplies could move to Confederate troops.  All the streets in our subdivision are named after ships that fought battles at the Fort.
The entrance still has cannon, and behind the park office is the remains of the fort, but our walk was to take us out towards the campgrounds.  On one side would be the Ogeechee River and on the other RedBird Creek the creek that runs behind our subdivision.  The tide was out, both the Ogeechee and RedBird are tidal, and there were wading birds fishing in the shallow waters.  At times we've seen dolphin in the Ogeechee, but not today.

Fishing dock at the fort

Looking across to an island in the Ogeechee

Ogeechee River

RedBird Creek



Alligator in the water
We walked to the boat dock on the far side of the campgrounds and, not much of a surprise, saw an alligator near the boats, no doubt looking for a handout.  All in all we walked about 5 miles, so easy to do when it's not 95 degrees.

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