Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Melange

Today was a running  around day, with Dr. visit, all is well, library books returned, and it's back to Amazon for me, a visit to the Post Office where I paid an arm, a leg and any future child I might have (LOL) to mail two packages, then off to a well deserved breakfast.
We went to a new, to us, restaurant a couple of miles from here, it's been here for several years and we kept telling ourselves we needed to eat there, so today we did.  It's primarily a breakfast place, though they're now serving lunch too.  And as breakfast is their speciality you'd expect them to do it well, and they did, eggs cooked just the way I like them, scrambled to death, enough ham to feed a small family, toast that wasn't dripping in butter and best of all, hash browns that tasted like they'd been julienned and cooked  on the spot and not dragged out of some freezer, and even better they weren't greasy.  Mac had corned beef and eggs and his was equally good.  It appears to be a family run place, not a chain and that's a big plus, so we'll be going back.
When we got home Mac saw waves in the pool and realized that something was in the pool and it  couldn't get out----we lost a much beloved cat that way, so he  rushed out and grabbed a net to quickly fish out a squirrel who barely had his nose above the water.  He, the squirrel,  lay on the deck exhausted barely breathing, Mac wondered what he should do, but  Lord knows you don't want to give a squirrel artificial respiration--who knows what that might lead to--but after a while he began to move around, drying himself off, but still appearing rather shaky.  Mac has put some bird seed and honey out for him and we're hopeful he'll be ok.  He's now sitting on the edge of the deck and looks almost normal.

She's Looking a Little Deconstructed
Then after out walk I went upstairs to work on my witch.  Every time I think I going to make lots of progress on her I really get bogged down.  Today it was her legs, I'd painted them last week and had planned on quickly sewing them together, stuffing them and attaching them to the body.  Well they're stuffed and sewn together but they're not attached to anything.  Stuffing them was a bugger even though you do it in stages.  Finally I put them aside, painted her face, sewed the bodice and skirt together and called it a day.  Hopefully I'll get her apron and hat done tomorrow, that is if stuffing her arms doesn't take forever!


  1. can't wait to see the finished product!!

  2. What a rescue for the squirrel!
    You sound frustrated with your witch/doll. I tried stuffed animals half a lifetime ago and couldn't get the things stuffed evenly so that they would stand up--they bulged, leaned, toppled--end of that sort of project.


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