Tuesday, September 24, 2013


According to the calendar the autumnal equinox was Sunday around 4:44 pm, and Sunday and Monday certainly felt like it.  Overcast skies, a drizzly rain, cooler temperatures,  a few falling leaves, it was nice.
But not today, oh no, not today.  It's as if whoever is in charge of the weather said, autumn, too boring, let's do summer again.  It's hot, it's humid, I'm sweating which means I'm grouchy. POOH!
I'm ready for autumn.  My table is decorated, my crock pot is out, I've dug out my cool weather recipes, the pool is closed, my swimming suit is put away----I don't need any more summer.

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  1. Similar weather here too - one minute it's drizzly and overcast, the next minute beautiful blue skies and glorious (for England) sunshine.
    Make your mind up, please.


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