Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dress Hunting

Last week my daughter went dress shopping and found it very discouraging, I know the feeling.  I realized that I don't even own a dress, so I decided to break down and buy one.  Now the gene for shopping missed me.   I like shopping online because I can shop all over the place.  I can't stand trying on clothes, I'd rather order something, find out it doesn't fit, and mail it back.
I shop a  lot at Macy's, know my size there in everything, but found nothing I liked.  It seemed like every store had the same old thing.
Love the store ModCloth, they specialize in retro looking clothes, so I found 2 dresses and ordered them, they were so cute, but way too small.  So back they went (free returns).

 Then I found a dress at Anthropologie, way too expensive, I hesitated, I debated, I quibbled, finally I ordered it.
I decided that if I was going to own only one dress it ought to be something I really like, something I don't see everyone and her sister wearing and one that would look half way decent on my short, round body.
Plus it's my birthday next week, so it's a birthday present.  Hope it fits.

These are the 2 from ModCloth, so cute, so small

This is the one from Anthropologie


  1. Love the Anthropologie dress- I usually do like the most expensive things best:)
    Have just ordered Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil both book and DVD - shall read first and watch afterwards.

  2. I love all three of them. I would happily wear them all. Good choices.

  3. It's very elegant - good choice! If you have only one dress, make it a nice one. :)

    I have the same problem finding things that fit. Curviness succumbing to gravity is my problem.

  4. I haven't owned a proper dress in don't-know-how-many years. Especially not one with a waist. I just haven't got the figure for it - not even after losing some weight.


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